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Salvadora Persica

The toothpaste tree

Sarakan dental care contains natural extract of Salvadora persica, also known as the toothbrush tree - renowned for its powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties.

Salvadora has in its natural state as twigs, been used for centuries as an effective way to help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Sarakan’s unique formula uses this valuable natural extract to help clean, freshen and restore teeth’s natural colour and help keep gums healthy too.

The Sarakan Story

Over 30 years ago, an army doctor serving in India noticed that his patients’ dental health was very good, despite their bad diet.

He discovered that many used a ‘chewing stick’ to clean their teeth and gums. These small portions of twig came from the shrub Salvadora persica – known as the toothbrush tree – widespread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

At the time there were already scientific papers on Salvadora persica’s powerful antiseptic and beneficial properties, and more have been published since. On his return to the UK, the doctor decided to develop a toothpaste with the extract – and Sarakan was born!

The natural
benefits of

Thanks to this powerful natural extract, Sarakan helps keep teeth and gums healthy without fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, sweeteners, artificial colours or animal-derived ingredients.

Sarakan dental care is suitable for vegans, and children too.

Salvadora persica branches

Nature's toothbrush

Used for centuries as a natural toothbrush, the fibrous branches of the Salvadora persica shrub have been promoted by the World Health Organization for oral hygiene use.

Sarakan is available from a wide range of supermarkets, pharmacists and chemists in the UK. Buy directly from us from £2.59 + P&P.

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Nature's secret to brilliantly clean teeth

The Oral Health Foundation has accredited SARAKAN with its seal of approval, showing that it conforms to their highest standards.

Oral Health Foundation approved With extract of Salvadora Persica